Senior Principal Architect

Oscar Sklar

Oscar Sklar

Oscar is the principal architectural designer and responsible for pioneering and integrating design with the highest quality of architecture within the firm. With an excess of 15,000,000 SF of office, residential, and mixed-use projects; he is the founding visionary of the Sklar family.

Oscar graduated from the esteemed Pratt Institute-School of Architecture. He is a licensed architect within the State of Florida, New York, and Washington D.C., and is N.C.A.R.B Certified. With his direction, the firm continues to grow and strive for excellence in design.

Oscar is an innovator of space, with more than 49 years of experience. He engages the staff with a rich history of unique interior design, signature architecture, and cutting edge concepts. With a multitude of projects under his belt, he has flawlessly redesigned portions of the urban landscape of Florida. Mr. Sklar continues to blow away the competition with his stunning designs in all sectors of the building industry.

Beyond his professional area of expertise, Oscar is involved in several philanthropic and civic activities including the American Institute of Architects in Miami, Member of Florida Board of Architects, Consultant for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Bay Harbor Development Association Vice President Member of Bay Harbor Island Design Review Board and Planning & Zoning Board and is also a founding member of the Cuban Hebrew Congregation of Miami.

His Architectural influencers are Paul Rudolph & Morris Lapidus.

Resume: /files/files/Oscar_Sklar.pdf

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