Marbella Condominiums

An 88 Unit Condominium Apartment building on 11 typical floors above a two-story lobby, parking, recreation rooms, and pool deck with accessory cabana building. To avoid the usual long corridors, a scheme consisting of two elevator cores each serving four apartments per floor was used providing a very private feeling for all units. The expense of four elevators is balanced by the elimination of wasted space in the corridors. A very generous amount of terraces surrounds the building. To avoid the drab look of balcony railings a prefabricated lightweight stucco finish frame of bright pink color is superimposed on the outside face of the balconies creating a play of light and shadows and also serves as a shading device.

Cost of Construction:


Completion Date:


Location of Project:

Surfside, FL 33154

Type of Project:

Multi-Family Residence

88 Condominium Units