South Beach

CB2 Lincoln Road Mall

The 3-level, CB2 South Beach Store was the first CB2 store built in the state of Florida and was constructed in a mere 10 months as an addition to the historic Jenel Building lot, located just off of the Lincoln Road Mall. The project is located adjacent to the historical structure, the Jenel Building, which built in the 1920s and is part of the National Register Art Deco District. This building is located in a dense, urban area and on a zero-lot line. This retail space fits beautifully within its context near the beachside shopping district of Lincoln Road and the greater South Beach area. 

The design pursuit was to create a retail experience with a young, contemporary presence in line with the company's merchandise and brand image. The upper two levels of retail spaces are wrapped in long, lean, white paneling and a transparent glass volume that stretches along Lincoln Lane. Several vertical slots of glass run from street level to the roofline, creating rhythm and movement along the white paneled facade. This building was designed using Swisspearl® fiber cement panels from ©Cladding Corp which function as a rain screen and a perfect exterior facade for the bustling pedestrian traffic of Miami Beach. 

The two-story retail volume culminates at Jefferson Avenue, projecting its mass with subtle cantilevers over first-floor windows and entrance doors. A large, off-center, punched window opening on the second floor makes it clear from the pedestrian level that the upper level of the store is a destination for shoppers. The continuous glass panels at the ground level create ample retail-display opportunities and a pedestrian-friendly promenade. A twelve-foot setback forms a courtyard at the main entrance and makes the two-story retail volume visible from Lincoln Road Mall.  

Gray stucco and corrugated metal-clad the 3-story volume to the south of the main retail space that houses the stockroom and exit stairs. Material changes and two parapet heights work to disguise its mass and provide verticality. A couple of classic details add character and contrast to the building's contemporary form: laser-cut metal grates abstract the CB2 logo and form a bulkhead below display windows. External lighting adds a traditional quality to the 3 building signs. In an effort to further "green" the store, CB2 made plans to install photovoltaic cells on the rooftop. 

The following article features this project:

CB2- Miami Beach, FL 



14,900 SF gross area




1661 Jefferson Avenue, 

Miami Beach, FL 33139