Miami Beach

2020 Alton Rd

2020 Alton is a state-of-the-art, solar-powered home situated on a prominent corner in Miami Beach. This award-winning contemporary home has a LEED- Platinum rating, tracking 120 LEED points, and considered to be the "greenest house in the USA" at the time of construction completion. This project functions as a "net-zero" energy home, meaning that it has a minimal environmental footprint and regularly produces as much energy as it consumes. 

An exposed masonry wall protects the house by wrapping it on the North and West-facing sides while creating a private courtyard for swimming and a lifted balcony that features views of the golf course across the street. The completed construction boasts a refreshing, sleek style and smart home automation, frameless solar panels, geothermal heating & cooling systems, LED lights, a heated pool, vertical axis wind turbines, and the most advanced insulation technology available for its time. In addition, this design accommodates a rainwater collection system that harvests, filters, and puts rainwater to efficient use throughout the home. 

Designed with meticulous attention to detail and consideration of environmental factors, the project's renewable energy systems have been planned to resist storm damage. In particular, this includes impact-resistant windows, doors, and apertures, fold-away wind turbines, a battery back-up system for power outages, and a rainwater cistern that would generate potable water in the case of an emergency. 


3,200 SF gross area




2020 Alton Road    

Miami Beach, FL 33194


Single-Family Home, LEED Certified