Naval West/Forest Travel Headquarters

The unique mixed use building is comprised of Retail, Office Space, Parking Garage, and a Roof Terrace.

The Inspiring Central Feature of the Design of Naval West is an Aviary, that is a sanctuary for the protection of the parrots, that have been the passion of the owner for many years. The aviary rises from the ground floor entry plaza through the roof of the building, pinning the building to the earth. The aviary includes a feeding station balcony .

The Architectural Design along with the aviary and the nearly all glass façade is all influenced by the clients aviation background & skills.

The roof terrace provides a place to relax, enjoy views of the city and a full experience of the adjacent Aviary. The Aviary is nestled in the Northeast corner of the building, framed by the glass facades and a colonnade that runs the length of the main street turning the corner and along the side street, creating a shaded walk for the pedestrians and inviting them to view the Aviary, the Shops and the Main Entrance of the Building.

By the Numbers:

Four-story mixed-use building that includes:

Parking - 55,000 sf. / 120 Cars.

Retail - 8,000 sf.

Gross Office Space - 35,000 sf.

Roof Terrace - 4,000 sf.