Miami Beach

Fuddruckers Restaurant South Beach

Fuddruckers South Beach is an in-line 200 seat interior restaurant build out that was created through a concerted effort to provide an exciting and casual family dining experience in Miami Beach, Florida where quality family restaurants are rare. This new location was seen as an opportunity to break from the typical Fuddruckers while capturing the energy of South Beach. 

This design was complex in that it incorporated a 14 foot high space below a parking garage (for the new Loews Hotel) sandwhiched by two relocated Historic Art Deco Hotels. The buildings were relocated in 1999 to extend 16th street from Washington Avenue through to Collins Avenue and the new Convention Center Hotel. Adding to the list of initial requirements, the project was to be co-designed with famed Architect, Morris Lapidus. However, due to his age and other reasons he did not participate. Later, during the design process, the designer in keeping with the circular theme throughout the facility, added Lapidus type "cheese holes" in the curved bar wall in homage to the architect. Finally, because this building is owned by the City of Miami Beach, various other agendas influenced the design. 

The total space, constructed between October, 2001 and March, 2002, combines for over 6,000 Sq Ft of kitchen, bar, service, and dining area. The property is situated, as mentioned before, in a parking garage / retail center called the Anchor Shops. Because the space was chopped into three spaces, the design team felt that the appropriate concept would be to unite the space by using similar finishes varying in color, and allowing for three different dining atmospheres- the Main Dining area, the Bar Area, and the Anchor Hotel Lobby. 

The circular shaoe of the hamburger patty was the generating geometry that led to many of the design decisions. The organizing feature of this facility found in the main dining, is an inverted cone focusing the eye to the central revolving meat display unit. The typical meat storage and preparation room, that is usually near the front, had to be setback due to seating requirements, historic requirements, and special constraints. This cone also serves to create the que line and order counter. The main dining area is jumping with the signature Fuddruckers red, yellow, and blue on the walls and light fixtures, and with wavy USG Curvatura panels, which take advantage of the high ceilings and express the free wheeling spirit of South Beach and the nearby ocean. 

The pittsburger portion of the space, to the south, since it is abundant with natural light, was outfitted in all white terraazo, paint, and light fixtures reminiscent of the original Art Deco pastel and light color finishes. This was also done for patrons to recognize that they were in a historic building and not new construction. 

Finally, the Anchor Hotel portion, to the north, was required to be completely restores under the strictest guidelines. It is further separated by a three hour wall due to fire codes. The only connection to the main dining area is a doorway that automatically closes in a fire. As a result of these restrictions, we provided the same chairs and tables found throughout the entire restaurant but limited the palette to only pastel green and chrome detailing matching the original green and pink terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo Restoration: Dr. Marble

Woodwork Restoration: Edwin Custom Cabinetry / MDG

Staircase Restoration: G Metal Inc. / MDG

Stained Concrete Floor: Dr Marble / Scofield

Terrazzo Floor: Dr. Marble

Decorative Concrete Block: Tarmac  / Critical Path Construction

Acrylic Circles & Acrylic curved wall: Armstrong Interiors / Polygal

Metal Work: Architectural Custom Metal Inc.

Curvatura Ceiling: Armstrong Interiors / USG

Light Fixtures: Lumetta, Tech Lighting Bug, Farreys.

Dining Chairs & Bar Stools: Shelby Williams

Tables: Food Service Supplies Inc.