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2020 Alton Road: Setting Sights on Greenest Home in America

2020 Alton Road: Setting Sights on Greenest Home in America

The following excerpts and images are from an article written by Jane Dagmi for BobVila:

"The construction of 2020 Alton Road, a 3,200 square foot, single-family residence in Miami Beach pursuing a LEED Platinum rating is well underway, and the ground floor has just been completed. Before the concrete could be poured, however, a series of preparations were made and underground systems were installed all in accordance with the rigorous guidelines of the LEED for Homes green building certification program. 

According to contractor Robert Arkin and developer Matt Lahn of the Florida Green Home Design Group, at this point in the process, the 2020 Alton Road project is tracking high marks. With respect to the Home Energy Rating System, the house has a 92% projected energy efficiency rate.

This highly motivated green team, working on what will be the first Platinum residence in Miami Beach, has caught the eye of city officials who are also on an environmentally-friendly crusade. Last month in a city hall ceremony, Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower and Commissioner Michael Gongora, chairman of the Miami Beach Sustainability Committee acknowledged the Florida Green Home Design Group’s visionary efforts.

Architect Ari Sklar, a Miami Beach native, said that it felt great to be recognized for "the heart and soul he puts into a project." 

As the Florida Green Home Design Group tag team at the site, they are monitoring the progress, consulting with their LEED AP, and confirming green partners to complete the vision for 2020 Alton."

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